myPOS Checkout API is a customer friendly interface for e-commerce payment solutions for your Online store. The API will let your customers to pay for goods and services quickly and securely using their debit or credit card.

The API will gain access to the entry point of Payment Gateway managed by myPOS Europe Ltd. By using hosted checkout secure pages, the merchant adhere to compliance rules for handling customer data in a secure way: data is stored on security servers so that it is not exposed to compromise.

The API enables you quickly and easily to integrate myPOS Checkout into all your online stores as a method of payment. The integration will give you the opportunity to receive money from your customers instantly, in multi-currencies, to track and manage your payments from all your online stores in a single place and to manage your online stores settings. Therewith the API will give convenience to all your customers to choose their preferred payment method from a single source.

Using the myPOS Checkout API your customers will be temporary redirected to The Payment Gateway will handle and guide the customer during the payment process, will check the card sensitive data and will process a payment transaction through card schemes (VISA, MasterCard, JCB).

Once the payment is complete, the customer will be returned to the merchant’s website. You will receive notification about the payment along with the transaction details.


myPOS Checkout API will provide:

  • Secured page and Secured communication channel with the merchant;
  • Storing of merchant private data (shopping cart, amount, payment method, transaction details etc.);
  • Financial transactions to VISA, MasterCard, JCB (if applicable);
  • Operations for the front-end: Purchase transaction, Manage online stores settings;
  • 3D secure processing for direct payments with Debit or Credit Cards.




This handbook is aimed at the operators of e-commerce companies who would like to optimize their payment processes using an innovative and complete payment solution.

The purpose of this document is to specify the myPOS Checkout API Interface and demonstrate how it is used in the most common way, therewith to provide technical details about the system integration.

It is intended to be utilized by:

the merchant / commercial decision makers 

Certain sections describe the functions, main requirements and processes of the myPOS Checkout payment system from the stance of e-commerce Business development managers. The document provides guidance on what is a myPOS Checkout API, how it works, getting started, setting up a myPOS Account Number, main benefits of the API and FAQs.

the IT specialists and developers 

Other sections of this manual describe the technical background of the myPOS Checkout system. The document provides guidance on technical integration of the API with detailed working examples, use cases and error codes.


Terms And Descriptions


API - Application Programming Interface for implementation of the myPOS Checkout system in the merchant e-commerce application.

myPOS Account number -  Unique identifier for the Business Account of the merchant.

Online store ID – Unique Identifier for any online store (website) of the merchant which will use the myPOS Checkout  API as a payment method.

PAN - Unique payment card number, which identifies the Issuer and the particular cardholder account.

Call Call by the merchant’s e-commerce system to myPOS Checkout API.

Card Validation Code (CVC) or Card Verification Value (CVV)Three digits encrypted in the magnetic stripe on the back of the card. This is used as a method of verification during credit card processing.

Request  - Query or request from the merchant e-commerce system to myPOS Checkout  API

Response - Response from myPOS Checkout  API to a Call from the e-commerce system.

3-D Secure™ (3DS) - Technical standard developed by Visa, MasterCard and JBC, designed to combat online credit card fraud. Cardholders who have registered for Verify by Visa®, MasterCard SecureCode® or J/Secure® use their password to validate their identity whenever they make a purchase on a participating site.

XML  - XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a generally available data format which myPOS Checkout API uses for comfortable exchange with other systems.