The myPOS payment platform provides payment buttons as a quick and easy solution for accepting payments. myPOS PayButtons and PayLinks let you securely accept card payments on your website from any mobile device, tablet or PC. Simply log in to the myPOS website to create, and optionally customize, myPOS PayButtons or PayLinks. Then copy and paste the button's HTML code snippet to your website. You must have a myPOS account to create myPOS PayButtons and PayLinks.

Use myPOS PayButtons and PayLinks in any country where myPOS is accepted. You can hold multiple currency balances in your myPOS account or convert a currency balance at competitive rates.




You can create myPOS PayButtons or PayLinks for a straightforward, single item with variety in the quantity.

Using a few basic options, you can change the size or the language of the button, choose what customer information you will require and what kind of notifications to receive.


Getting Started


After you log in to your myPOS account, you can quickly create myPOS PayButtons or PayLinks on the Online page in Pay Buttons and Links section. This topic outlines the major steps.


Select a button or a link and then enter the name of your product, price, quantity (optional), payment currency and booking text. This is the minimum information required to create a basic button. You can stop here, generate the button code, and then paste it to your website.


Optionally, you can customize the button:

  • Add your website url
  • Choose whether to receive notifications when payments are made and also what kind of notifications (via email or sms)
  • Choose a settlement account
  • Choose what kind of customer information to require on payment (only for buttons)
  • Choose expiry date (only for links)

For detailed myPOS PayButtons and PayLinks configuration steps, see next pages.