To test your myPOS PayLinks you have to:


1. Login with your myPOS account. If you do not have an account, you will need to sign up before logging in.
2. Once you are logged go to the Online menu -> Pay Buttons and Links section.
(Note: if you already have a created PayLink please go directly to 5.)


3. Choose “New PayLink” and create your myPOS PayLinks.
4. Once finished with the creation you should see the Link’s details.


5. Test myPOS PayLinks by running your web page and clicking on each of your test links.
Go to “View All” inner section and click on your PayLink to view its details.


6. Copy and paste the PayLink in your browser and visit it.
(Note: the PayLink has to be Enabled in order to work!)
7. You should see the myPOS payment page similar to the example below depending on your customization.


If you see this page, then everything is OK.