The myPOS Smart SDK can be used by adding it as a git submodule to your project or building the .aar and using it.


Build the library and add it as a dependency

  1. Download the source code and import it in Android Studio
  2. Build it
  3. Navigate to the build/outputs/aar folder and retrieve the .aar file


Add the library to your project

 After building the library, add it as a dependency in Android Studio, create a new module.

new module


In the window that appears, select "Import JAR/.AAR Package" and click "Next"

import jar aar


Then navigate to where the generated .aar file is located and select it, then click "Finish"

select aar


In your build.gradle file add the newly-created module as a dependency:

dependencies {
    // [...]
    compile project(':mypossmartsdk-0.0.1')