The myPOS Cash Register Remote API (myPOS Remote API) is an Application Programming Interface, which allows the partner’s application to connect to the myPOS terminal device and accept card payments through it. The communication between the end devices will be done through the hosts of both sides (partner’s and myPOS'). The partner’s device will not have any physical connection (via BT or cable) to the myPOS device.



To use the myPOS Remote API protocol the partner must:

  • be granted an access by means of login username supplied by myPOS;
  • exchange digital signing certificates with myPOS;
  • hosts a web service that will send requests to the myPOS system web service and receive notifications.



The myPOS Cash Register Remote API grants functionality for sending a request to device through specific service connected directly to myPOS Server. There is no need Host system/service to be physically connected with myPOS terminal. Third party software can communicate with myPOS terminal over established Server to Server communication. Requests sent to the myPOS terminal have specific XML SOAP Formatting.


In general, the workflow is described below:


  1. Third-party software sends a request to the own Server
  2. Third-party Server connects to myPOS Server
  3. myPOS Server sends a request to subscribed myPOS Terminal
  4. The client physically pays on the terminal
  5. myPOS Terminal notifies myPOS Server with payment result
  6. myPOS Server notifies Third Party Server with payment result
  7. Third party server notifies merchant with payment result. 


Documentation and Examples:

  1. The Raw API documentation can be found here.
  2. .Net example can be found here.