We have developed a revolutionary application – myPOS Glass, that transforms any Android-based device with NFC into a POS machine, which is able to accept contactless payments. То expand its possibilities, an SDK has been created in order to integrate Android applications and to enable the use of the core myPOS Glass functionalities.


This guide provides instructions on how to integrate an Android app with a myPOS Glass app. Once integrated, the app will be able to communicate and call the main myPOS Glass functionalities in order to accept card payments (limited to Visa and Mastercard).


The built-in functionalities of myPOS Glass-SDK allow you to accept payments, make refunds and void the last approved transaction.


No sensitive card data is ever passed through or stored on the smart device. All data is encrypted by the myPOS Glass app, which has been fully certified to the highest industry standards (PCI, EMV I and II, Visa, Mastercard).


The next section will show you the devices which are able to use the myPOS Glass app.