A “by appointment” test service is available which allows the validation of the myPOS Mobile Checkout Android SDK calls. Testers should ask for access to the testing service and ensure monitoring by a myPOS engineer.



Add the repository to your gradle dependencies:

allprojects {
   repositories {


Add the dependency to a module:

implementation 'com.mypos:checkoutsdk:1.0.1'




Start using myPOS Mobile Checkout Android SDK by initializing the setup. Simply find your account’s identification token (Wallet ID) and wallet secret on the Dashboard and add them to your app's main Activity class.

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
 MyPos myPos = MyPos.getInstance();
            “51528”,              /*sid*/
            “40064699727”,        /*wallet number*/
            “EUR”,                /*currency ISO code*/
            “MIICXAIBAAKBg ...”,  /*client private key*/
            ”MIIBkDCB+q ...”,     /*server public key*/
            true,                 /*is Sandbox*/

The SDK allows further configuration by using the existing settings. These are the options:

  • Supported card networks – Allows you to determine the accepted card networks when using your app. The default value includes Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and VPay.

Address Verification Service (AVS) – You will be able to capture the consumer’s country and postcode as an additional security layer.