This documentation is specific to the PHP SDK use only and contains information about installing, checking out samples, setting up different configurations, and advanced settings.


  • Requests should be made from a public IP address.  
  • Version 5.4.8 of PHP or later required. 
  • The URL_Notify should be SSL-enabled address only, i.e. it must start with "https://". Unsecured URLs will be treated as wrong and the transaction will be reversed by the system.
  • Upon HTTP request, the Merchant should respond with header HTTP 200 OK with the following body content: “OK”. Every other response will be treated as a communication error, call error, server error or system malfunctions.


The sample code includes all the documentation related to PHP SDK.


Here are a few quick links to get you there faster:



NOTE: If you are using composer. 

composer require developermypos/mypos-checkout-sdk