Setting up the new online store

Once added, the new online store will be visible at the Online > Online stores menu. The new online store will be with status “Disabled”.

1. Read carefully and agree with the General terms and conditions and the Tariff for this store.

Please have in mind that your stores need to be VERIFIED by myPOS which will take up to 5 business days. Until your online stores are verified, you can still process transactions but with certain limits.

2. Configure values in Developer/Production options section:
a ) Store ID (SID) is given when you add a new online store.

SID may be found at > Online > Online Stores.


b ) Client number (Wallet number) is given automatically by the system when you create your account.

Client number may be found at > Profile > Business profile > Details.



Generate and Set Keys

Please follow the steps:
1. Аfter you create your store click on the ‘Generate new keys’ button at > Online > Online Stores > Keys.

2. Copy and save your private key to a text (.txt) file then upload to your Online platform » myPOS Online payment method settings.

3. Save the Public Certificate to a separate text (*.txt) file and upload (Add) it to the previous screen of the myPOS website.

The text file with the Public Certificate must be uploaded by clicking "Add new certificate".


4. Download the newly generated myPOS Public Certificate and copy it to your Online platform » myPOS Online payment method settings by clicking on the "Download" link at > Online > Online Stores > Keys.

NOTE: This NEW myPOS Public Certificate is different than the Public Certificate generated in the previous step and already added to your myPOS Store. This myPOS Public Certificate is meant to be uploaded to your Online platform.


NOTE: If you have generated more than one key, make sure you are using the correct key index.


Important notes on technical integration

  • Requests should be made from public IP address.  
  • Version 5.4.8 of PHP or later required. 
  • The URL_Notify should be SSL-enabled address only, i.e. it must start with "https://". Unsecure URLs will be treated as wrong and the transaction will be reversed by the system.
  • Upon HTTP request, the Merchant should respond with header HTTP 200 OK with the following body content: “OK”. Every other response will be treated as communication error, call error, server error or system malfunctions.