With the myPOS Web Checkout, you can integrate a convenient payment gateway into your online store or web app and start accepting online payments from all major credit and debit cards.

TEST your integration prior to going live.

myPOS Web Checkout is a hosted payment gateway, which eliminates the complicated PCI requirements and lets you focus on your business.


Integrating the myPOS Web Checkout into your online business will allow you to instantly receive payments from your customers, track and manage all financial transactions, as well as change the settings of your online stores. You can also tokenize and store cards for later purchases, without keeping sensitive cardholder data on your side.


To simplify the integration of myPOS Web Checkout, we have SDKs for the following languages:



The SDKs include integration and configuration information as well as samples. 


If you write code in other languages, you may check our API reference


This documentation is aimed at e-commerce business managers who would like to optimize their payment processes using a hosted checkout payment solution.


The purpose is to specify the myPOS Web Checkout Interface and demonstrate how it is used in the most common way, therefore provide technical details for system integration.


It is intended to be utilized by:


The merchant / commercial decision makers

Certain sections describe the functions, main requirements and processes of the myPOS Checkout payment system from the stance of e-commerce Business development managers. The document provides guidance on what is a myPOS Checkout API, how it works, getting started, setting up a myPOS Account Number, main benefits of the API and FAQs.


The IT professionals and developers

Other sections of this manual describe the technical background of the myPOS Checkout system. The document provides guidance on the technical integration of the API with detailed working examples, use cases and error codes.


The myPOS Checkout SDK helps you to build fast, responsive web applications for accepting payments.


myPOS Web Checkout provides:

  • Secured page and secured communication channel with the merchant;
  • Storing of merchant private data (shopping cart, amount, payment method, transaction details etc.);
  • Financial transactions to VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Bancontact
  • Operations for the front-end: Purchase transaction, Manage online stores settings;
  • 3D secure processing for direct payments with Debit or Credit Cards.

The API will gain access to the entry point of Payment Gateway managed by myPOS Europe Ltd. By using secure hosted checkout pages, the merchant adheres to compliance rules for handling customer data in a secure way. Data is stored on secure servers so that it is not exposed to compromise.


Using myPOS Web Checkout your customers will be temporarily redirected to а secure hosted payment page. The payment gateway will handle and guide the customer during the payment process, will check the cardholder's sensitive data and will process a payment transaction through card schemes (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Bancontact). If the customer's card is enrolled for 3D Secure, the customers will be redirected to their bank's website and after confirmation will be redirected back to your website.


Once the payment is complete, the customer will be returned to the merchant’s website. You will receive notification about the payment along with the transaction details.