Sign up for a myPOS account

First, you need to sign up for a myPOS account at

First, to use this payment option you need to sign up for a myPOS account at

Add an online store

Once you have myPOS Account you need to go to the Online > Online stores > Add new store.
You need to fill in all required fields:

Adding of an online store

Set up the new online store

Once added, the new online store will be visible at the Online > Online stores menu. The new online store will be with status “Disabled”. You need to:


1. Read carefully and agree with the General terms and conditions and the Tariff for this store.
2. Set the key pairs for this particular website. 
3. Enable the store by clicking on the appropriate button beside the store.


Please have in mind that your stores need to be verified by myPOS which will take up to 5 business days. Until your online stores are verified, you can still process transactions but with certain limits.


Configure myPOS Checkout as a payment method

(Magento 1) In order to make the necessary settings please go to System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > myPOS Checkout.

(Magento 2) In order to make the necessary settings please go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > myPOS Checkout.


1. First, you need to enable myPOS Checkout as a payment method – select “Yes” from the drop down.

2. Test mode

In case if test mode is enabled you need to use the following test data:


Testing data

myPOS PayLink:

Store ID:

myPOS Account Number:

Developer Private Key / Public Certificate




Test environment mimics production environment and you can make all you requests to the system as you will do in production environment. You could test with every debit or credit card number. In test environment all card transactions will be processed as successful payment. Your card will not be charged. If test mode is enabled Developer settings will be used.



3. Configure values in Settings section.
a) Store ID – it is given when you add a new online store.


Information for online store at at

Store ID – it is given when you add a new online store.

b) Client number


Available at at

Available at

c) Private Key

Private Key could be generated after you login to your account by clicking on the ‘Generate new keys’ button at >  Online > Online Stores > Keys.

Private Key


 E-commerce platform:


*Make sure thare are no extra spaces or a new line before and after the "-----"

d) myPOS Public Certificate

Create a text(.txt) file and copy the contents of the Public Certificate. Make sure there are no missing or extra dashes "-" no extra spaces before and after the certificate content.
After that upload the certificate to myPOS.

e) Public Certificate for Your Store

It is available for download after you generate and upload the myPOS Public certificate.

myPOS Public Certificate

You need to copy this myPOS Public certificate to the Online platform.

 *Make sure thare are no extra spaces or a new line before and after the "-----"

f) URL

Test URL:
Production URL:

g) Key index

You can upload several public certificates. Here you need to fill in the key index of the certificate which is copied in the Online platform.

Key index

h) Sort order – indicates listing of myPOS Checkout in case you have several payment methods.


4. Save Configuration Changes.

Important notes on technical integration:
  • Requests should be made from public IP address.  
  • Version 5.4.8 of PHP or later required. 
  • The URL_Notify should be SSL-enabled address only, i.e. it must start with "https://". Unsecure URLs will be treated as wrong and the transaction will be reversed by the system.
  • Upon HTTP request, the Merchant should respond with header HTTP 200 OK with the following body content: “OK”. Every other response will be treated as communication error, call error, server error or system malfunction.


Once myPOS Checkout is configured your customers will be able to choose it as a payment method and pay for your goods and services easily and secure using their Debit/Credit card.

Once myPOS Checkout is configured your customers will be able to choose it as a payment method and pay for your goods and services easily and secure using their Debit/Credit card.


Please note that if you successfully reached the myPOS Checkout page, it does not always mean that you've completed your integration. Sometimes, a misconfigured public certificate might result in an inability for myPOS system to notify merchant's website for payment result. This would mean that cardholder will reach myPOS Checkout page, will input cardholder details and upon payment, the payment could be processed, but myPOS system is unable to connect to merchant's notify URL.


If myPOS system cannot connect to merchant's website in order to notify for payment result, payment gets reversed. It should be taken into account, that while myPOS system settles the reversal instantly, sometimes the cardholder's issuing bank might delay the funds.



iDEAL is an e-commerce payment system used in the Netherlands, based on online banking. Therefore this method is only available to merchants operating in the Netherlands. 

You can configure whether to show only card Payment, iDEAL or both options to your customers.


If iDEAL is selected your customers will be brought to a simple checkout page where they can select their bank.



If "Card Payment" option is selected your customers will be redirected to a simple checkout where they can enter card details.


If option - "All" is selected during Checkout your customers will be able to choose between the two payment methods.