Add an entirely embedded checkout to your web page, without a redirect.


Embedded Checkout uses a myPOS branded iFrame. It is a simple, embeddable way to collect payment information and charge your clients. You can embed the iFrame on your site and then let the cardholder enter their payment information and complete the payment. This is a simple way to avoid the hassle of going through PCI DSS certification and keep the client on your page.


This documentation is specific to the JavaScript Embedded SDK use only and contains information about installation, samples, setup different configurations, and advanced settings.


  • Requests should be made from a public IP address.  
  • The URL_Notify should be an SSL-enabled address only, i.e. it must start with "https://". Unsecured URLs will be treated as wrong and transactions will be reversed by the system.
  • Upon HTTP request, the Merchant should respond with header HTTP 200 OK with the following body content: “OK”. Every other response will be treated as a communication error, call error, server error or system malfunctions.


The sample code includes all the documentation related to the JavaScript Embedded SDK.





Test card details