This page is a step-by-step guide on how to integrate your Clock PMS account with your myPOS account so you can accept online payments for your clients' reservations.


1. Log in to your Clock software -



2. Navigate to Other -> Settings -> API users



3. Generate an API key for the created user



4. Log in to your myPOS account and navigate to Integrations page -> Tab Clock



5. Fill in your generated “Username”, “API key”, “Base API URL” and select which Online store you want to link for the integration. When saving in the database extract the subscription id and account id in separate columns. The URL format will be in format "". 


Check the required details from your Clock account -> Other -> Settings -> API users -> The user


Paste each detail in the respective field in your myPOS account -> Integrations page -> Tab Clock



6. Go back to Clock and navigate to Other -> Settings -> Custom Payment API



7. Add myPOS integration details



The Payment Service URL is generated upon successful integration of your myPOS Online store with Clock. Once the store is linked, you need to copy the Payment service URL and paste it into the respective field in your Clock software.