If you want to make tests request to our sandbox, check the test data here.

Once you're ready with the integration in the sandbox, if you want to process live payments with myPOS Checkout API, you need to have a Business myPOS Account first. 

  1. Sign in to your myPOS Account and go to the Online / Online Stores.
  2. Click on the link Activate.
  3. Set up your online stores and generate the keys.

Important! Please have in mind that your stores need to be verified by myPOS Europe Ltd. which will take up to 5 business days. Until your online stores are verified, you can still process transactions but with certain limits.


myPOS Checkout With Online Stores

Тhe Merchant can activate the service from the menu Online -> Online Stores 


Adding Of An Online Store

Once the service is activated the Merchant can start adding the information of the online stores in menu Online / Online Stores / Add new store:




Setting Up The New Online Store

Once added, the new online store will be visible at the Online / Online Stores / View all stores menu. The new online store will be with status “Disabled”. The merchant needs to:

  1. activate the store once he is ready with the test integration with the myPOS Checkout API by clicking on the appropriate button beside the store;
  2. read carefully and agree with the General terms and conditions and the Tariff for this store.
  3. set key pairs for this particular website;
  4. enable the store by clicking on the appropriate button beside the store.


Every Online Store Could Be Enabled / Disabled Separately At Any Time By The Merchant.






Editing The Online Store Data

The merchant can change the main information of every online store using the “Edit” functionality at the Online / Online Stores.



Online Transactions

All e-commerce transactions will be visible in the merchant’s myPOS Account under menu Online / Online Stores / Transactions. The merchant could filter and see only the transactions which come from myPOS Checkout or from a specific online store.


Details Of Online Transactions

The merchant will see the following type of details for the e-commerce transactions:

  • Payment details – such as payment origin and used payment method;
  • Transaction details – transaction reference, exchange rate, amount, transaction fee;
  • Reserve – reserve amount from the specific transaction and reimbursement date;
  • Cart details – all data from the shopping cart shown to the customer during the checkout, i.e. item name, price, quantity, order total and note;
  • Refund details/functionality – refund functionality with which the merchant could initiate partial or full amount refund transaction to a previously executed payment. If there is at least one refund transaction for the initial payment the merchant will see it here together with refund transaction reference and refund amount and fee.


Making A Refund

In a case where the customer has lodged a justified complaint or the Merchant is unable to deliver the goods, he could refund any amount of the payment back to the customer. The merchant can refund up to 100 percent of the original amount.


When the merchant initiates a refund, a reference will be added to the original transaction details along with new row for the refund transaction.


Once the merchant issues a refund, it cannot be canceled. If there are insufficient funds in the merchant’s myPOS Account, the refund transaction will be denied.


If the myPOS Account balance becomes negative as a result of deducted refunds or chargebacks, myPOS Europe Ltd. will collect funds from the merchant in accordance with the Legal Agreements.





The reserve is a percentage of money that may remain in the merchant’s myPOS Account for a specific period of time to cover any payment reversals that may be received like chargebacks, claims, and disputes. 


The reserve rate and period are specified in the merchant’s tariff and depends on the risk assessment of the particular online store. They will be reviewed regularly and adjusted when necessary.


If the merchant Business myPOS Account is blocked by Issuer or closed for any reason, myPOS may hold the reserve for up to 180 days after the date of the last transaction with myPOS Checkout.


The reserve of funds is individually assessed and is not imposed on all merchants who are using myPOS Checkout. It may be applied to particular business models. Contact us for more details on when reserve could be applied. 



In case a reserve is applied, the merchant can track the accumulated currency reserve amount and how exactly they are calculated at any time. He can filter and a see all transactions which were calculated in it and when the particular amount will be reimbursed.